65 sweedish police bus..

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65 sweedish police bus..

Post by 65babylonbus » Thu Oct 08, 2015 2:01 pm

Hi all...

Ive been looking for a group like this for a while! Im in walsall in the west mids, Ive had my 1965 splitscreen Police bus for 12 years now, It seems to have alot of the original interior, rear cupboards, headlinner, partion glass and a few bits of extra wiring here and there. Unfortunly it was painted purple in the 80's ive since took back to the original light grey and done a few other mods to engine, gearbox, brakes etc.

I was wondering if anyone had any pics of what they might have looked like, paint wise? or any pics of them in service at all?

I love having the police van, and would love to find more about it, if anyone has and leads....



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Re: 65 sweedish police bus..

Post by rolandrat » Sun Oct 11, 2015 11:21 am

Hi Jack,

a warm welcome to a new forum member!

An interesting vehicle that is!

Unfortunately the only fact I know about Swedish police vehicles from this era is the colour, black and white. Black over white when it comes to a Splitty, according to the usual civilian two-tone colour scheme.

Note the left-hand traffic! Sweden switched to right-hand traffic in 1967 to match its neighbours Denmark, Finland and Norway. Whereas Swedish cars usually were LHD! :?


Sept. 3rd 1967 is commonly known as 'Dagen H' = H-Day. H stands for Högertrafikomläggningen = right-hand traffic changeover. :geek:

Like the Ford Taunus P5 Taxis amidst this chaos. /\:)


Polis T1s obviously had the spare wheel on the front, just as the Polis T2s BTW.


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Re: 65 sweedish police bus..

Post by Dubmatix » Mon Oct 19, 2015 7:41 pm

Hi Jack and welcome ot the group.

Would love to see some pics of your bus, but alas i have no leads on Swedish Police vehicles. I don't think we have any Scandanavian members. Anybody else got one? (:D

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