Welcome to the EVW Gruppe! - Please Read me First!

Take a few moments and let the rest of the members know about yourself, your EVW and your interests.
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Welcome to the EVW Gruppe! - Please Read me First!

Post by Dubmatix » Fri May 14, 2010 8:40 pm

If you like ex-Emergency VWs of all flavours, then this forum is for you. If you own one and want to find more information or share info you have found on yours, then this is the place to share it.

Have a look around and register today, we're a friendly bunch and will try to answer any questions you have as best we can.

For 2010 we are supporting Emergency VW displays at Camperjam and Vanfest andd if you want to do this too, it's easy! Just go to the relevant threads in the Shows and Meets section and post an "I'm in" post!

Oh and pictures. It's better to use the Photobucket account to upload your photos to and then copy the links that generates straight onto your post. Please PM me for the login information and any questions you may have using this.
You can upload 2 images per post with 58k max. Please use this sensibly. Anyone abusing this concession will have their attachments deleted.
It's like this to keep it free and Ad free! :)

That's it! Enjoy!


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Re: Welcome to the EVW Gruppe! - Please Read me First!

Post by homer004 » Wed Dec 12, 2012 8:47 pm

my name is jim and we live in poole ,dorset and i have just purchased a fire wagon t25 which i am going to convert to a camper the previous owner tried and only striped everything out, so i have a blank canvas .
the exterior will remain as we love it

this is our 4th vw having owned a t4 ,splitty,and now a beetle with a t25 firewagon as a pair and we were at vanfest in oct havin just sold our splitty to australia and seen the firewagen and decided that we would have one as they are so diffrent ,

one question i have, do you need to cover the blue lights up ,they are decommisioned can it be a problem !

looking forward to meeting up at meets with you guys

have a merry xmas

the low family

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