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How To - Linking Photos

Postby Dubmatix » Tue Oct 11, 2016 2:44 pm

Here's a quick summary of how to link photo's in your post once you have a photo uploaded to a picture site like Photobucket.

So here's my text and underneath i want a picture like this:

To do this i copy the DIRECT link by clicking on it on the photobucket page (other picture hosts should do something similar)

Then come back to the post you are writing, press the Img button above the editing window which gives

Code: Select all


Clicking between the two middle brackets and pasting our link gives us

Code: Select all


Which when you complete your post and post or preview it, displays as it should thus:

Photobucket gives you a number of different link options, one of which is IMG. This will save you time if you use it as it already has the img and /img wrappers already tagged on. If you copy those links instead you don't need to use the IMG button, just paste the code straight into your post.

Please ignore the bits that say "CODE Select All" above, you won't see that, that's just a widget that allows code to be posted for example purposes.

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