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! Read Me - Welcome to the Emergency VW Gruppe Forum

Post by Dubmatix » Thu Nov 05, 2009 12:07 pm

If you like ex-Emergency VWs of all flavours, then this forum is for you. If you own one and want to find more information or share info you have found on yours, then this is the place to share it.

Have a look around and register today, we're a friendly bunch and will try to answer any questions you have as best we can.

We are keen to support Emergency VW displays andd if you want to do this too, it's easy! Just go to the relevant threads in the Shows and Meets section and post an "I'm in" post! If there isn't one there then post one and try to get a display together for a show you are planning to attend

Oh and pictures. It's better to use a Photobucket account to upload your photos to and then copy the links that generates straight onto your post. Please PM me for the login information and any questions you may have using this.
You can upload 1 image directly to a post with 58kB max size. Anyone abusing this concession will have their posts deleted.
It's like this to keep it free and Ad free, the way we like it!! :)

Anyone wishing to donate to forum upkeep can do so by Paypal to infoVWthebughaus.co.uk where VW needs to be @ of course. Alternatively, after a period of time, you may feel up to doing a bit of moderating. It's easy as the forum's pretty civilised on the whole with just the odd spambot to contend with.

If you think you have an ex Katastrophenschutz (KatS)( = Disaster Control) vehicle, have a look at the KatS Data secion to see if you identify the type.
viewtopic.php?f=11&t=164&p=467&sid=d1c4 ... d1d44#p467

That's it! Enjoy! Any questions just ask.


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