Emergency VW Gruppe - Gruppe Property/Stock

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Emergency VW Gruppe - Gruppe Property/Stock

Postby Dubmatix » Sat Sep 15, 2012 11:44 am

This is available for EVW gruppe events, displays etc. [Storage location shown in square brackets as this could vary from item to item]
Any additional items will be added here.

Rolandrat has donated a 500m (metre not mile!) length of Feuerwehr cordon tape for use in displays. Sep 2012 [Dubmatix]
Sufcarrot made a load of bookmark type laminated banner strips, I have 2 left of these. (though i plan to make some more) [Dubmatix]
I still have a few (3 currently) of the colour stickers left. After that we'll need to look at getting a pack of printable vinyl. Sep 2012 [Dubmatix]

Gruppe Stickers, are available FOC to forum users who have attained 10 posts on the Gruppe forum.

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