New 'stuffing' for cab seats

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New 'stuffing' for cab seats

Post by surfcarrot » Thu Mar 11, 2010 8:04 pm

My cab seats are very uncomfortable so I want to re-stuff them. What are my options and where can I get the materials from. Also is it easy? (I think JR can advise on this one as I recall that its something he's done)

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Re: New 'stuffing' for cab seats

Post by Dubmatix » Thu Mar 11, 2010 9:20 pm

Yep, you're right Craig, I did this one, there are two options :
  • Replace the horse hair pads with coconut matting pads
  • Replace the horse hair pads with specially shaped foam pads
The better option imho is the coconut matting pads. They WERE available from StatusVW but were out of stock when i tried to get them. They continued to be out of stock for months and their shipment from Mexico never ended up leaving there due to some dispute or other....

There is one place that sells these, only snag is it's a company called Wolfsburg West in California....I tried to talk my mate in Toronto into a boys bus road trip....would be fun but the fuel bill might be a bit excessive!!
The shipping they quoted me for these was around the same price as the pads....too much~!

So i saw an article in Camper and Bus and they used the TMI foam pads (available from VW Heritage I think), they are good fit, are reasonably comfy as long as you use plenty of sisel matting (also from TMI) to stop the springs digging into the foam and to cushion things. They aren't bad and prolong the driving time between leg stretch stops but i would still go for the coconut mat ones if they were easily available.

They are pretty easy to fit but the two seats go together differently! The one that doesn't use bent metal prongs for the seat base is held in using push in cardboard edging held under spring tension.
Tip for this one: With seatbase and back removed, put base on floor, kneel in middle of base to compress the springs, material edges should pop from their slots! If anyone does this and wants tips/advice just give us a ring.

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