Front speaker install

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Front speaker install

Post by spikeemikey » Thu Mar 18, 2010 10:55 pm

Hi Guys

I started this last year before the weather turned bad. Now finishing.

They are 6.5" speakers, from the Their Ebay shop prices are very good. Pretty meaty. Positioned so as not to foul the inner workings of the door hinge (hence the off-centre placement). I made some wooden brackets to go inside the door, two oval shaped pieces to fit around the speaker basket, to properly bolt them to with 5mm cap head allen bolts and tee nuts in the brackets. Quite secure.

Funny thing is the outside of the door skin seems to radiate pretty well, with the speaker rigidly mounted. So they are quite noisy from the outside too. The joys of undeadened/damped vehicles. Great in the car park, if people arent already looking!

Cutting the door cards was scary, so I made a full template first. One side is almost perfect, the other side was off by a few mms, but this is hidden by the speaker ring.

Its really improved the sound in the van, bring the soundstage up and forward compared to just having the rears in the kicker-board of the rear bench. So recommended if rather time consuming, It was a lot of work ... in days.

When we get a few solidly dry days I am gonna vaccum and clean the doors out and waxoyl and treat a couple of tiny rust spots and consider it a done deal .. I found a bit of scouring pad in the right one .. no idea how it got in there. The door cards are in really good shape. I have some yacht varnish left over from my revarnishing the rear bench seat kicker board, so I may give them a coat.

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