Deutschland 83

See an Emergency VW out and about? Post pics here.
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Deutschland 83

Post by Dubmatix » Sun Dec 18, 2016 9:55 pm

Has anyone else watched this? I enjoyed it. Not just because of some of the 80s tunes and great classic cars though there was a nice 1303 in a petrol station scene, a Fiat Strada kept popping up for brief glimpses, a nice white Karmann Ghia too along with lots of Trabbies, an Iltis that popped up fairly frequently in the Army base. For members of this group though, if you watched it you will probably have hit pause when the archived footage from the aftermath of the Berlin, Maison de France bombing was shown as there were lots of old THW and KatS vehicles out dealing with the situation with a Bay Window KatS bus sitting prominently in the middle.

I remember as a teenager being in Munster a few weeks after the wall came down and seeing my first Trabant, full of people with the windows steamed up on a chilly rainy day.

Now i see there is a series two! When will we get that in the UK?

[EDIT] Forgot about IMCDB

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