Busfest 2019

Going to a show? Get a line up going!
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Busfest 2019

Post by Dubmatix » Wed Sep 12, 2018 10:21 pm

Yes i know it's early but to get the ball rolling, i think it's about time we got organised for another good display in the hall, you know, get your bus in there during the day for display (take it out at night for use at basecamp if required) and then back in the following day. Good fun and would be great to catch up with the gruppe!
If Busfest don't want us then we can look at another show such as CamperJam or open to suggestions. Both shows have been attended by the group in the past and were great fun.
If you are interested, post on here andd lets get an idea of who wants to go. Maybe Roland can speak to his people and we can get on the bill for 2019?

Can even do an emergency callout or maybe incorporate the old Rundfarht from BVF and have a run round a circuit in the Malvern Hills? With a lunch stop?

Lots of options, dig out those accessories, and lets have a shindig! 8-) (:D (:D



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